Hay Festival Global unveils The Platform selection

Hay Festival Global has announced the final selection for The Platform, an initiative aimed at promoting and supporting emerging talent in the creative arts, according to a statement on hayfestival.com. The Platform, supported by funding from the National Lottery through Arts Council England, received submissions from young artists aged 21–28 across various art forms, including theatre, poetry, digital art, film and literature.

The selected artists will have the opportunity to showcase their work at Hay-on-Wye, Wales, on Wednesday, May 29, 2024. The event will take place in the Festival’s central Exchange Marquee and across the Festival site, allowing the artists to connect with audiences and established artists over a three-day visit.

This year’s selection features a diverse group of talented individuals, including poet Bradley Taylor, writer and performer Emma Rogerson, theatre maker Grace Waga Glevey, writer and producer Martha Bird, writer and director Paul Koloman Kaiba, poet and filmmaker Elliot Waloschek, writer and editor Sabine Wilson-Patrick, spoken word artist Samuel Mansell (known as DeSide), actor and playwright Tayla Kenyon, and the theatre collective Moving Feet, comprised of Harry Clayton-Lucey, Flynn Mchardy and Arthur Bickers.

Each artist brings a unique perspective and creative energy to the Festival. Bradley Taylor, known for his “Poetry on Demand” performances, expressed his excitement about the opportunity to create bespoke poems for Festival attendees. Elliot Waloschek, whose work explores queerness and transmasculinity, sees the Festival as a platform to share his unique perspective with a wider audience.

Emma Rogerson, whose writing is described as “joyful, strange, messy, tender and full of love,” is thrilled to be part of an event that celebrates creativity and diversity. Similarly, Grace Waga Glevey is eager to share her play, “For the Birds,” which explores themes of nature, class, and collective action.

Martha Bird, an interdisciplinary artist focusing on questions of modern European identity, is grateful for the opportunity to engage with audiences and spark meaningful conversations. Paul Koloman Kaiba, a theatre and film director known for his politically charged work, aims to foster exchange and participation through his art.

The Platform is just one of the many exciting events at this year’s Hay Festival Hay-on-Wye. With a diverse programme featuring discussions, performances and workshops, the Festival promises to be a celebration of creativity and innovation.

For more information about The Platform and the participating artists, visit the Hay Festival website: https://www.hayfestival.com.


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