Gwyneth Paltrow’s ski trial musical takes the stage in London

In a unique twist blending celebrity drama and theatrical flair, Gwyneth Paltrow’s courtroom clash with a skiing optometrist takes centre stage in the upcoming musical, “Gwyneth Goes Skiing.” 

Produced by Awkward Productions and set to premiere in London this December, the show features Linus Karp as Paltrow and Joseph Martin as Terry Sanderson, the optometrist who collided with the Hollywood star on a Utah ski slope in 2016.

The musical, described as a festive spectacle by its creators, is based on the legal duel that unfolded earlier this year. Sanderson initially sought $3.1 million in damages, alleging injuries from the collision, while Paltrow counter-sued for a symbolic $1 and attorney fees, claiming she was the victim. The televised trial became a viral sensation, with memorable moments, including Paltrow’s post-crash outburst, turning into internet memes.

Running for 10 days at London’s Pleasance Theatre starting December 13, “Gwyneth Goes Skiing” invites audience members to participate as the jury, adding an interactive element to the courtroom drama. The logline humorously captures the essence of the production, framing the collision and subsequent legal battle as a quirky holiday tale.

This musical follows a trend of celebrity trials making their way to the stage, reminiscent of the British soccer wives’ legal dispute that inspired various dramatic adaptations. Linus Karp, currently portraying Princess Diana in another Awkward Productions play, continues to make waves in the theatrical world with his diverse roles.

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