Grandin Theatre’s annual African American Film Festival returns.

Watch African American film classics for free in honor of Black History Month

Grandin Theatre is celebrating Black History Month the best way they know how, through movies.

Tuesday, Feb. 4 marks the beginning of Grandin Theatre’s 3rd Annual African American Film Festival.

Every Tuesday in the month of February at 7:15 p.m., the theatre will show an African American film classic.

The showing is free which means first come, first served so get there early.

The list of films features “Higher Learning”, “Love and Basketball”, “Cabin in the Sky” and “House Party”. The films were chosen by a committee made up of film professors, film professionals and African American community leaders.

The decision behind choosing “Higher Learning” as the first movie of the film festival has a significant meaning.

“This year we start with a tribute to (director) John Singleton who passed in 2019. So ‘Higher Learning’ is the first film on Tuesday the fourth. It’s a tough film, it comes out the gate as kind of difficult with a strong message but Singleton’s films are generally that way,” said Ian Fortier, executive director of Grandin Theatre.

The message behind this festival isn’t just about recognizing the month, but also recognizing years of talented contributions.

Fortier defined the theatre as a cultural asset and historic landmark. He wants every audience member to leave with a meaningful experience, this film festival is no exception.

“For decades the contributions that African Americans in American society have made to the film industry have been paramount. Whether they’re actors, on-screen or writers or directors, sound technicians, screenwriting, it’s enormous. It’s something that needs to celebrated being a cultural community center, more than just a movie theatre, we’re happy to be the host and home of that,” said Fortier.

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