Google Maps creates Customized Update for Local Transport in Lagos

Everybody uses Google maps.

Almost everybody that is.

Except maybe for the amazingly discerning danfo drivers in Lagos who have some kind of pre-installed mapping device somewhere in their often shirtless bodies, helping them weave seamlessly through traffic.

So if you are in one of those mechanical contraptions called ‘Danfos’, you are more often than not, confused as to your ETA because no one can honestly compute a danfo’s haphazard route.

Except for Google.

Google recently came up with a solution to address all the escalating traffic madness in Lagos; the new Google Maps, updated just for Lagos.

Amazing right?

So Google Local Guides can now see options for Danfo, BRT and more on Google Maps.

“We are excited to announce that we’ve updated the Android version of Google Maps in Lagos to reflect all of the ways you waka. From finding directions across town by Danfo or BRT, to seeing photos of local landmarks, the improved app lets you track and time your waka beta.” the new update Google announced.

Get to your destination on time with local traffic information, weather, and busyness of transit in Lagos.View estimated fare levels for each ride
location and find the quickest route to your destination by typing it in or choosing from suggestions.
Also see pictures of the landmarks and key places along your route, so you know you’re going the right way.

To see the new amazing features, simply download the latest version of Google Maps on your Android device and get a better sense of your Lagos waka.

We, at the Lagos Review are convinced without a doubt that Google loves Lagos.

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