Goethe Institut hosts vibrant Naija pidgin session

Goethe Institut Nigeria, in collaboration with Genti Media, is set to host an engaging session titled “Naija Pidgin! How e be? On Creation and Expression in Pidgin.” 

Scheduled for Saturday, March 9th, 2024, from 3 pm to 5:30 pm at the Goethe Institut located at 7 Anifowoshe Street, Victoria Island, Lagos, according to a statement, the event, which is in celebration of linguistic diversity and cultural expression, promises to delve into the nuances of Pidgin language, its significance in Nigerian culture and its evolving role in contemporary society.

The session will feature two distinguished figures in the realm of Pidgin language: Eriata Oribhabor, popularly known as “Di Poet,” a renowned Naija pidgin promoter and author of One for di Road, and Ogini Bernard, a talented Pidgin translator, actor, visual artist and the creative mind behind the pidgin adaptation of Shakespeare’s series.

Yali Wetzel, an intern at the Goethe Institut, expressed enthusiasm about the event, stating, “This session is a testament to our commitment to promoting cultural exchange and linguistic diversity. Pidgin language, with its rich heritage and expressive capabilities, serves as a bridge between communities and fosters a deeper understanding of Nigerian identity.”

The event is part of Genti Media’s “Of Tongues & Voices Audiovisual Exhibition on Nigerian Languages,” sponsored by MTN, and aims to highlight the vibrant tapestry of Nigerian languages. The physical installation will be showcased at the Goethe Institut throughout March, providing visitors with an immersive experience of Nigeria’s linguistic landscape.

For those unable to attend in person, the “Of Tongues & Voices Exhibition” offers a virtual alternative, allowing individuals to explore the diverse linguistic heritage of Nigeria from the comfort of their homes.

As Nigeria continues to embrace its linguistic diversity, events like “Naija Pidgin! How e be?” serve as platforms for dialogue, celebration and cultural exchange, reinforcing the importance of preserving and celebrating indigenous languages in a globalised world.

For more information about the event and upcoming activities, visit www.goethe.de/nigeria.

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