Goethe-Institut hosts “Rage in the City” dance performance

Goethe-Institut Nigeria is inviting the general public to the dance spectacle, “Rage in the City” by Ayoola Odubona. 

Unveiling the complexities of stress through the language of dance, the performance delves into its impact on physicality, emotions and the nuanced dimensions of urban life.

As a collaborative effort, the production questions the normalisation of stress in contemporary existence, opting to express its narrative through dance rather than viewing it merely as a remedy. The artistry of Trois Uche, Ayoola Odubona and Thegift Chikere, accompanied by a captivating soundscape from Soundman Nathan Olawunyi, promises a profound exploration of mental health, human struggles, despair, empathy and hope.

According to a statement, “The production prompts reflection on the pervasive role of stress in our contemporary existence, questioning its normalisation in our lives. 

“As a collaborative effort, the collective explores why the theme of stress has captured their collective interest, choosing to articulate its narrative through the medium of dance rather than employing dance as a remedy for stress. What significance does this approach hold for the audience?”

The event takes place on January 18th, 2024, by 7 pm, at No 7B Anifowoshe Street, Victoria Island, Lagos


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