Gambo drops Afro hip-hop EP ‘1MB’ featuring Jim Jones

Bashir Annan, better known by his stage name Gambo, has just released his highly anticipated EP titled 1MB (1 More Bullet). 

This Afro hip-hop project marks a significant collaboration between African and American hip-hop cultures, featuring artistes from across the African continent and a special guest appearance by the legendary American rapper Jim Jones.

1MB showcases the renowned Ghanaian artiste’s commitment to blending hip-hop with African flavours, promoting cultural exchange and highlighting the shared heritage between Africa and the African American community. The EP delves into the influence of hip-hop on Gambo’s music, emphasising the global impact of African American culture.

Jim Jones, known for his influential role in the American hip-hop scene, joins Gambo on the remix of “Drip,” originally featuring Ghanaian rapper Edem. The remix continues to highlight the luxurious and vibrant side of Ghanaian culture. 

Additionally, the EP features Tanzanian rapper G Nako on the track “Loco,” and Ghanaian rappers Kofi Jamar and E.L. on “Conversation” and “Enjoyment,” respectively.

Produced by Ghanaian hip-hop heavyweight Fortune Dane, 1MB delivers powerful hip-hop soundtracks that align with the EP’s cultural message. Gambo’s strong online presence, with over 650k followers across Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok, ensures a ready audience for his latest musical endeavor.

Listeners can stream 1MB on major platforms and join Gambo in celebrating this cross-cultural musical journey here.

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Stay tuned for more updates and exclusive content from Gambo as he continues to make waves in the music industry.

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