‘Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga’ stumbles at box office despite critical acclaim

The much-anticipated prequel to the Mad Max series, Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga, directed by George Miller, opened to disappointing box office numbers this past weekend despite receiving stellar reviews from critics, per nme.com. The film, starring Anya Taylor-Joy as the young Furiosa and Chris Hemsworth as the warlord Dementus, managed to bring in only $25.6 million domestically between Friday and Sunday, marking the worst Memorial Day weekend performance for cinemas in 29 years.

The film’s budget was a hefty $168 million, but the initial returns were underwhelming. However, international audiences provided some relief, contributing an additional $33.3 million, bringing the global total to $58 million, according to Variety.

Critics have been overwhelmingly positive about the film. NME awarded it five stars, calling it “brilliant and unmissable” and praising its immersive world and thrilling sequences. Fandango’s Erik Davis echoed these sentiments, describing the movie as “A ferocious & relentlessly paced epic that expands the story of Furiosa and the Wasteland while delivering the craziest chases, the most bombastic characters & just plain stunning cinematography.” The Guardian highlighted it as “a remarkable achievement by Miller,” while Forbes hailed it as “a brilliant new chapter” for the franchise.

The film, which premiered at the Cannes Film Festival, received a six-minute standing ovation. Chris Hemsworth was visibly moved during the applause, and in a touching moment, he was seen kissing director George Miller on the head. Miller, addressing the audience before the screening, expressed his gratitude and anticipation: “We worked very hard on this film, and it’ll be very interesting to see what you make of it. Thank you for having us.”

*Furiosa* explores the harrowing backstory of its titular character, played by Taylor-Joy. Snatched as a child by Dementus, Furiosa must navigate the perilous Wastelands to find her way home amidst the chaos of battling tyrants.

Despite its slow start at the box office, the film’s critical success and international performance offer a glimmer of hope for its future.


  • Featured image: Anya Taylor-Joy steps into Charlize Theron’s sand-encrusted boots as Furiosa/Warner Bros


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