“Fast X,” packed ensemble cast stirs critics

First reviews for “Fast X”, the 10th Fast and Furious movie, whose release date is near are here and promising big things from the new movie.

According to reports,  some lucky critics have now seen it, and have wide ranging things to say about it.

The earliest signs are said to be good for the packed ensemble cast of the best Fast and Furious characters. 

The new Fast and Furious adventure pits Dom Toretto against a new bad guy in the shape of Jason Momoa, with the Fast and Furious cast assembling to head off the threat he poses.

The Digital Fix writes that Liam Crowley of ComicBook was among those sharing his reaction on Twitter, writing that the movie is “utterly ridiculous” and adding: “Cinema? Please. Peak summer blockbuster? Hell yes. Built for a popcorn-filled big screen experience.”

The outlet adds that Kirsten Acuna from Insider compared Fast and Furious 10 to the gut-punch of Avengers Infinity War. She said: “It’s a wild, non-stop action thrill ride that delivers the most shocking ending of the franchise, so far.”

Simon Thompson was more mixed, but gave huge praise to Momoa as one of the best movie villains in the franchise’s history. He added: “The rest is ludicrousness with clunky elements but it is stupidly entertaining.”

Gizmodo and io9 critic Germain Lussier was a dissenting voice who really didn’t enjoy the movie. He wrote: “Fast X is the worst Fast yet. Yes, including [insert your least fave here]. The action is fun but it’s the first film to not up the ante from the last one and the trademark notion of ‘Family’ is an afterthought.”


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