Enrique Iglesias announces final album

Enrique Iglesias dropped a bombshell for his fans as he confirmed that his upcoming album, “Final (Vol 2)”, slated for release in February, will mark the end of his musical journey. The 48-year-old artiste, currently on The Trilogy Tour with Ricky Martin and Pitbull, expressed that this album, in the making for several years, would be his swan song.

“I won’t be doing any more albums,” he declared, signalling a significant shift in his focus. With the tour extending into the next year due to the addition of 18 new dates, Enrique’s decision to step away from the recording studio hints at a desire for more time with his family. The Latin music sensation, a father of three with partner Anna Kournikova, has openly shared his longing for his children during tour periods.

Enrique and Anna, together since 2001, are parents to twins Lucy and Nicholas, born in 2017, and daughter Mary, born in January 2020. The couple, known for keeping their personal life private, had previously surprised the world with the unnoticed arrival of their twins. Despite hints from Enrique’s brother in July 2023 suggesting a secret wedding, the couple, who met on the set of Enrique’s ‘Escape’ music video, have never officially confirmed their marital status.

As Enrique bids farewell to his musical career, fans are left wondering what the future holds for the iconic artist beyond the stage.

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