Emmanuel Ikubese Screens New TV Series, “Kyaddala: It’s Real”

On Wednesday, February 26 2020, at the US Embassy in Abuja, was the private screening of “Kyaddala: It’s Real,” created by actor Emmanuel Ikubese.

Kyaddala is a pan-African television series set in secondary school, and it touches on real life social issues that affect African teenagers today.

BellaNaija’s Adesola Ade-Unuigbe was present at the private screening, and spoke on a panel after, where “The Role of Media for Social and Behavioral Changes” was discussed.

Both the series and the panel were enlightening, and here are a few of what we learned:

  • Parents need to be present in the lives of their growing children and they need to be friends with them.
  • The journey to healing is often a long and private one, so treat everyone kindly because you do not know the baggage they carry.
  • We need to inform our daughters, sons, sisters, brothers about so many things including safe sex, drug use, HIV prevention and sexual health because if they don’t learn the facts from us, they will learn lies from elsewhere.

Also present on the panel were the First Lady of Abia State, Nkechi IkpeazuZahra Buhari-IndimiOsasu IgbinedionBella Ndubusi; and Linda Raji.

See photos from the panel:

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