Elastic Effects of Wole Soyinka exhibition unveils profound prison journey

The sixth edition of the Timeless Memories Exhibition is set to captivate and educate audiences. Titled “Elastic Effects of Wole Soyinka: The Man who didn’t Die in the face of Tyranny,” offers a unique exploration of the profound prison experiences of Nobel Laureate, Professor Wole Soyinka.

Curated and Produced by Oludamola Adebowale, the exhibition takes an innovative approach to celebrate the life and work of the iconic writer and activist. Drawing inspiration from Professor Wole Soyinka’s powerful 1971 book, The Man Died, which vividly chronicles his prison ordeal, this exhibition delves into the mind of a literary genius who fearlessly confronted tyranny with the written word.

It forms a crucial part of the grand Wole Soyinka at 89 birthday celebration and serves as a precursor to the 90th celebration of this eminent figure next year.

Visitors, according to the curator, can anticipate a fascinating and immersive experience. The centerpiece of the event is a meticulously crafted Prison Cell installation, designed to transport attendees into the very heart of Professor Soyinka’s incarceration. This installation provides a powerful visual representation of the challenges he faced and the resilience he exhibited during those tumultuous times.

One of the exhibition’s highlights is an exclusive interview with Professor Wole Soyinka himself. In this rare interview, he reflects on his prison experience, offering profound insights into his thoughts, feelings, and motivations during that period.

Supporting this edition of the Timeless Memories Project is HRM Oba Abdulwasiu Omogbolahan Lawal, Abisogun II, the 15th Oniru of Iruland. He describes the Nobel Laureate as “a respected icon and an embodiment of our rich Yoruba culture and heritage, as well as a beacon of our history as a country.” 

Oba Abdulwasiu acknowledges Professor Soyinka’s unwavering commitment to truth and justice, even in the face of powerful adversaries, as well as his mastery of the English language and wealth of knowledge. He extends his wishes for good health, long life, and more grace for Professor Soyinka, expressing his anticipation of the exhibition’s ability to retell the crucial moments of his life for generations to come.

The Timeless Memories Exhibition will kick off at the 2023 Lagos Book and Arts Festival, held at Freedom Park, Lagos. The exhibition opens its doors on the 14th of November and will run until the 19th of November, 2023. This event promises to be a compelling tribute to the literary giant, Professor Wole Soyinka, and an opportunity for audiences to engage with the elastic effects of his indomitable spirit.

The Timeless Memories Exhibition is an annual event that celebrates the life and works of renowned Nobel Laureate, Professor Wole Soyinka. Each edition of the exhibition offers a unique perspective on his extraordinary journey, providing visitors with an opportunity to engage with his literary genius and his unwavering commitment to truth and justice. The Project is a brainchild of Historian, Archivist, and Curator Mr. Oludamola Adebowale.

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