Earl Lovelace Short Fiction Prize announces call for entries

Earl Lovelace

The Earl Lovelace Short Fiction Prize has made a call for entries. Dedicated to celebrating the rich literary heritage of the Caribbean, it was established by renowned Nigerian writer and publisher Onyeka Nwelue to pay homage to the influential Caribbean writer Earl Lovelace.

Administered by @abibimanpublishing, the competition is set to open its doors to aspiring writers on October 15th, 2023, offering a substantial prize of £500 for the winning entry. Writers from around the world are invited to submit their short stories, adhering to one of three compelling themes: “Desperation,” “Consent,” or “Prostitution.”

The submission deadline is scheduled for March 5th, 2024, with the shortlist of seven entries being announced on June 12th. The eagerly anticipated winner of the Earl Lovelace Short Fiction Prize will be unveiled on July 13th, 2024.

One unique aspect of this literary competition is that the works shortlisted for the prize will have the opportunity to be published in an anthology by Abibiman Publishing, granting further recognition to emerging talents.

Prospective authors are encouraged to visit the Abibiman Publishing website at www.abibimanpublishing.com to learn more about the prize and its objectives.

The inaugural edition of this prestigious award was claimed by Oluwabusayo Madariola for her gripping story titled “The Season of Heavy Rains.” (Read more about the previous winner here

A distinguished panel of jury members, each with their unique literary backgrounds, will oversee the selection process:

  1. Hymar David (Chair) – A memoirist and nature enthusiast from Nigeria.
  2. Timi-Nipre Ovuru – A prolific writer, actor and founder of The Mangroove House Literary Society.
  3. Noni Salma – An award-winning screenwriter and filmmaker with a passion for diverse storytelling.
  4. Justyn Settles – A poet and speaker from the United States, emphasising the power of poetry.
  5. Timothy Chibuike Anyanwu – A historian and researcher with a deep commitment to academia.
  6. Cindy Allman – A Jamaican book blogger and advocate for Caribbean literature.

The Earl Lovelace Short Fiction Prize promises to be a significant platform for emerging writers to showcase their talent while honouring the Caribbean’s literary legacy.

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