Di’Ja Releases New EP– Aphropop Vol. 1

Di’ja‘s much-anticipated project “Aphropop Vol. 1” is finally here.

Only last year she released the “Di’Ja” EP, and since then has released two singles “Ayo” and “Yaraye Iye.” And there’s been a slew of virtual live performances too since the start of the pandemic that kept all of us home

Di’ja had given BellaNaija a sneak peek into the EP, and speaking on the journey to making it, the Northern sound, she said:

Yes, my project Aphropop Vol 1 and 2 is something I am excited about. In truth all my backgrounds play a part in building the foundation of my songs, alongside infusions of what you have learned and entangled with along the way. Lets face it, I am surrounded by influences from all parts of the continent, so it’s hard to tell which will emerge when a song is being developed. One thing I do try to do is ensure I let the music drive itself. That way, it’s more natural. How a song manifests and becomes a track is all by the grace of God and the ingredients that best fit the moment. The Aphropop Series is aimed at appealing across all moods.

On what she wants fans to take out of it the EP, she goes on to say:

I have come to see my fans as my extended family many of which share some of their challenges with me. To me, it is important to ensure they remain connected to my brand no matter how life or the world around us changes. Every track on this EP is created to ignite a feeling from each song. With this I hope to at least strike a chord through the melodies and compositions that will continue to feed and touch all souls.

Text excluding title courtesy Bellanaija

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