‘Damii – Lagos Boys’ celebrates the spirit of Lagos

“Damii – Lagos Boys” has become an instant anthem for the city’s hustlers, dreamers and lovers in a tribute to the vibrant spirit of Lagos. 

Produced by the acclaimed P.priime, the song captures the essence of Lagos life with its celebration of the resilience, audacity and undeniable charm of the Lagos boys.

The lyrics paint a vivid picture of these street-savvy individuals who navigate the city’s labyrinthine alleys with unwavering confidence. From their unmistakable swagger to their eloquent words, the Lagos boys captivate both listeners and admirers alike.

But beyond their bravado lies a tender heart, as revealed in the romantic pursuits depicted in the lyrics. The Lagos boys’ boldness and charisma become their secret weapons, drawing others in like moths to a flame.

Their swagger is unmistakable, and their words flow like honey – a trait captured in the line: “Sweet for mouth pass e Asaro” (meaning their eloquence surpasses even the famed Nigerian dish, Asaro).

As “Damii – Lagos Boys” reverberates through the streets, it serves as a testament to the contradictions, dreams and unyielding spirit of Lagos. With its infectious energy and catchy beat, the track has quickly become a favorite among Lagosians, embodying the essence of the city like never before.

Listeners can join in the celebration by streaming “Damii – Lagos Boys” online here and experience firsthand the undeniable allure of Lagos life.

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