Crown Troupe presents ‘Dis_Loyal Judas’ opera at National Theatre for Easter

The National Theatre in Lagos is set to host an extraordinary Easter celebration with Dis_Loyal Judas opera, promising a captivating and thought-provoking experience for audiences. This innovative production, written and directed by Segun Adefila, will challenge conventional perspectives on destiny, choice and human nature.

The opera’s narrative, according to a statement, centres around the timeless tale of Judas Iscariot and Jesus Christ, delving into the intricate dynamics of loyalty, betrayal and redemption. 

Through a fusion of diverse musical genres, including opera, traditional African music and contemporary sounds, the Crown Troupe aims to immerse spectators in a musical odyssey that transcends entertainment, offering profound insights into the human condition.

Adefila expressed his excitement about the project, emphasising its relevance in exploring profound philosophical questions. Dis_Loyal Judas invites audiences to ponder whether destiny can be altered by individual choices, drawing parallels between Judas’ pivotal decisions and the broader concept of fate.

He adds that the Easter Fiesta at the National Theatre promises not just a theatrical performance but an exploration of existential themes through art. 

The stage is set and the performers are ready for a transformative experience this Easter at the National Theatre, where storytelling transcends boundaries to inspire contemplation and introspection.

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