Commonwealth Short Story Prize accepting submissions till November 1

In a literary celebration that spans the vast and diverse Commonwealth, the renowned Commonwealth Short Story Prize has thrown open its doors for yet another year of literary brilliance since September 1. According to the organisers, welcoming wordsmiths from all corners of the globe, this prestigious competition is a beacon of hope for aspiring writers aged 18 and over, as they vie for recognition and acclaim in the world of storytelling.

Since its inception in 2012, the Commonwealth Short Story Prize has been an unwavering champion of literary talent. Its mission is simple yet profound: to discover and elevate the voices of gifted and dedicated writers within the vast tapestry of the Commonwealth.

With an open invitation to all 56 Commonwealth Member States, this competition has transcended borders and boundaries, unearthing hidden gems from far and wide. 

Writers who intend to enter the competition can find the submission guidelines here 

The prize is free to enter and open to any citizen of a Commonwealth country aged 18 and over. It is awarded for the best piece of unpublished short fiction (2,000–5,000 words).

Recent editions of the contest have witnessed shortlisted talents hailing from the enchanting landscapes of Guyana and the highlands of Lesotho, and crowned victors from the picturesque realms of Eswatini, the enchanting islands of Samoa, and the teardrop-shaped nation of Sri Lanka.

But the Commonwealth Short Story Prize is more than just a prestigious accolade. It’s a bridge to a brighter future for burgeoning authors. The prize has a proud tradition of connecting its winners and finalists with literary agents, and it often opens the doors to coveted publishing opportunities. In this way, it has helped countless promising writers bring their stories to wider audiences, nurturing literary careers that might have otherwise remained hidden.

So, to all those hidden wordsmiths and storytellers, this is your moment. If you have a story to share, if your words yearn to reach a broader audience, then the Commonwealth Short Story Prize is your stage. The judges eagerly await your literary offerings.

The countdown is on, with the submission deadline fast approaching on 1 November. Don’t hesitate; this is your chance to shine. And remember, if you know someone in your community whose words deserve to be heard, encourage them to enter the competition. After all, stories have the power to unite and inspire, and it’s time for the Commonwealth to come together in the name of literature.


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