Coco Jones reflects on Grammy nod for “What I Didn’t Tell You”

Coco Jones, American artiste and former Disney Channel star, is making headlines with five Grammy nominations for her latest album, What I Didn’t Tell You, released in November 2022. 

The singer and actor, who resurfaced through viral TikTok videos and her role as Hilary Banks in the re-imagined Bel Air sitcom, expressed her surprise and gratitude during a recent interview.

Jones, now a nominee for Best New Artist, R&B Album, Traditional R&B Performance, R&B Song and R&B Performance, reflected on her journey since her Disney Channel days. She emphasised the influence of black women in Hollywood, acknowledging figures like Viola Davis, Kerry Washington, Angela Bassett, and Taraji P. Henson for paving the way.

In the interview, Jones touched upon critical issues such as pay disparity and colorism, advocating for positive change. “Everything can and will get better,” she asserted, emphasizing the importance of taking action to address challenges faced by Black women in the industry.

Sharing her perspective on the unexpected Grammy nominations, Jones revealed, “My expectations have been blown out of the water.” She expressed her initial focus on presenting her most fearless self to the world, leaving everything in the recording booth with each performance. The artist’s journey from Disney Channel to Grammy recognition highlights her dedication and resilience in the competitive music industry.

The Grammy Awards ceremony, where Jones anticipates the outcome of her nominations, is scheduled for February 4 in Los Angeles, USA. As the rising star continues to captivate audiences with her talent and advocacy, the recognition at the prestigious awards marks a significant milestone in Coco Jones’s evolving career.

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