Business day celebrates top 100 fastest growing SMEs in Nigeria

The business day conference which kicked off today at the Landmark Event Centre featured a cross section of professionals from different industries.

The event which is primed to celebrate the top 100 fastest growing SMEs in Nigeria hosted three panel session and masterclasses on different stages of the SME development journey.

Kofo Akinkugbe, the founder and CEO of SecureID Nigeria Ltd, a market leader in smart card technology and digital security, shared some insight on her entrepreneurial journey.

She addressed one of the most frequently asked questions that Start-ups ask about how they can scale their ideas and be competitive.

“In thinking big, it is okay to note the negative but you should also communucate with the resilience in you to keep going regardless,” She adviced.

As regards equity and fund injection in businesses, Kofo Akinkugbe advised.
“When you are starting out, tell yourself, do I want to be the one driving the company in ten years? How much stake do I want when the company starts doing well?
This will inform your direction as regards equity in the long run.”

The session continued with a Q and A session that touched debt management and cashflow.

“Get your debt and equity mix right, when the company grows, plough your cash flow back into the business,” she concluded.

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