Brum3h features Begho in emotionally charged single “For Long”

Abuja-based R&B sensation Brum3h is ready to captivate listeners worldwide with his latest release, “For Long” ft. Begho, a fine and soft track that showcases the beautifully soulful delivery of the artiste.

“For Long” is a piano-heavy R&B ballad that speaks to Brum3h’s emotional unavailability as a warning to someone looking to get with him. With lines like “I’ll be gone by the daytime” sung over light ambience and trap soul-type drums. He features Abuja Rapper Begho who delivers a guest verse suited for this soul-stirring ballad.

Known for his expressive and heartfelt music, Brum3h skillfully distills his deepest feelings in “For Long.”

The track effortlessly conveys a profound depth of emotion, resonating with listeners personally. Drawing inspiration from his own experiences, Brum3h showcases his exceptional talent for crafting soul-stirring music.

The collaboration with Begho adds an extra layer of depth and artistry to “For Long.” Their combined talents create a harmonious synergy that elevates the song’s emotional impact. Begho’s distinctive flow complements Brum3h’s style perfectly, resulting in a truly captivating musical partnership. 

Listen to “For Long”

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