Britney Spears invited to Congress to testify on conservatorship

Britney Spears was invited to Congress to testify about her yearslong conservatorship, according to a post on the pop star’s Instagram, Time reports.

The magazine adds that in the post, Spears doesn’t say whether she will accept the invitation from Florida Representative Charlie Crist and California Representative Eric Swalwell. The Democrats wrote a letter to Spears dated Dec. 1, 2021, that congratulated her and her lawyer, Matthew Rosengart, on their legal victory. A judge freed Spears from conservatorship on Nov. 12, ending the agreement that had allowed her father and the courts to run her life and her $60 million estate for more than a decade

“I was immediately flattered and at the time I wasn’t nearly at the healing stage I’m in now,” Spears wrote. “In the mean time thank you to Congress for inviting me to the White House.”

Crist and Swalwell highlight in the letter that Spears was allegedly unable to hire her own counsel and forced to work against her will. They ask Spears to share her experience in her own words.

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