Bims shares hypnotic new single ‘Amapiano’

Bims has just dropped his latest single, “Amapiano,” a mesmerising fusion of the infectious Amapiano sound and deeply reflective lyrics. The track, produced by Reward Beats, marks their highly anticipated reunion since their last collaboration in 2022.

“Amapiano” is an intoxicating blend of euphoria and a yearning for release, driven by the pulsating Amapiano groove. The hook, where the fast-rising artiste passionately sings, “Amapiano e dey carry me go where I no know, take away my sorrows,” captures the essence of the track’s emotional depth and rhythmic allure.

This release is Bims’ second single since joining forces with 3ple Threat Entertainment, following the success of “Dance” featuring the legendary Sir Shina Peters. Both Bims and 3ple Threat Entertainment are showing no signs of slowing down, dedicated to creating music that encourages listeners to let loose and find solace in the rhythm.

Fans can press play and lose themselves in the music of this captivating new track here and can connect with Bims on Instagram & X.

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