Beyoncé’s Christmas cards spark speculation about new music videos

Speculation that Queen B will release some music videos for her album Renaissance has the Beyhive buzzing this holiday season.

Released in July, Beyonce has yet to release a full music video for any of the tracks on the album, however has kept fans on the edge of their seats by dropping visuals here and there.

But, according to a Metro report, a Christmas card sent by the 41-year-old hit-maker in recent days has Twitter ablaze with theories that a video is finally on its way.

The card in question was sent to a select handful of individuals, mainly journalists, and features a photo of Yonce on the front wearing a fluffy bustier and a white cowboy hat.

The message inside reads: ‘Wishing you and your family the most joyous holiday season. Love Beyoncé and the Parkwood team.’

It didn’t take long before photos of the card started doing the social media rounds, prompting one fan to write: ‘ok so it’s winter renaissance meaning that the visuals will be coming in winter & summer renaissance is the tour and they’re all under the renaissance project but she also has hints for the next alleged country project (thus the cowboy hat).’

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