Beenie Man’s in-flight “concert” delights passengers

Passengers aboard a flight in the Bahamas experienced an unexpected treat when Dancehall icon Beenie Man turned their journey into an impromptu concert. The King of the Dancehall had passengers singing along to his greatest hits during a stop-over on the island. Instagram user @jessleighanne_ captured the vibrant scene, where Beenie Man stood in the aisle, dressed in white, and engaged the enthusiastic audience.

The video showcased the artiste’s lively performance, including renditions of his 1997 hit “Romie” and the iconic “Who Am I? (Sim Simma)”. Cheers and applause filled the cabin as fans eagerly participated. Beenie Man’s charismatic stage presence and fan appreciation were evident as he interacted with the crowd.

Social media erupted with admiration for the Dancehall legend, who responded with laughter and excitement, even promoting his upcoming album, “Simma,” set for release on August 31st. The album promises a diverse blend of Dancehall, Reggae, Afrobeats, and Drill, showcasing Beenie’s musical versatility and unwavering passion for his craft.

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