Azuka Jebose unveils memoir “Before and After The Rain” on Majek Fashek November 18

US-based Nigerian journalist and author, Azuka Jebose, is set to release a memoir titled “Before and After The Rain” on November 18, dedicated to the late Nigerian reggae icon, Majek Fashek. The memoir aims to unravel the enigma that surrounded Fashek’s life and celebrate his impactful journey in the music scene.

Jebose’s narrative takes readers through the explosive rise of Majek Fashek in the Nigerian reggae music scene, portraying him as an undisputed king. The memoir delves into the highs and lows of Fashek’s life, presenting a symphony of his glory days as a soul-healing musical maverick. However, it doesn’t shy away from addressing the relentless internal struggles that plagued the late musician.

The book explores Fashek’s battles with alcoholism and a hidden struggle with undiagnosed schizophrenia, offering an unflinching look at the demons that haunted the artist. “Before and After The Rain” provides an intimate account, revealing the human side behind the legendary figure, from the euphoria of international performances to the dark abyss of self-doubt and addiction.

Jebose’s memoir promises to captivate, move, and inspire readers, offering a spellbinding journey into the life of Majek Fashek. “Before and After The Rain” is poised to be a compelling exploration of the man, the myth, and the legend behind the haunting melody that defined Majek Fashek’s legacy.

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