Azuka Jebose releases short story collection – Waiting For My Husband To Die

The deeply engaging title of Azuka Jebose’ debut literary attempt instantly grabs your attention.

Journalist, editor, entertainment writer, friend of superstars and media mogul, Azuk Jebose Molokwu has seen it and he brings his rollicking life experiences to bear on his short story collection aptly titled – Waiting For My Husband To Die.

The collectoion, according to journalist and editor, Moji Danisa tells “the most engaging tales of alienations, deceits, heartbreaks, love, lust, realization, self damnation, betrayal and at times, hope, through multiple
voices. It is a collection of moving stories told with such beauty of language that is as vivid as it is poetic! As human souls traveling through time and space, we all carry with us emotions for survival.

These emotions show up as love, hate, trust, ambition, and passion. How each is expressed depends on the people around and the land from which personal and collective identities are formed and performed.

Waiting For My Husband To Die is a collection of short stories that takes random shots at human foibles and fantasies. It goes into the mind and hearts of characters without too much of psycho-analysis. It titillates as it create scenes that can only sprout in the fertile imaginations of a writer like Azuka Jebose Molokwu.

Those who know Azuka Jebose can tell you how passionate he becomes when telling a story. He becomes one with his stories despite his attempt at creating a social distance between him and his subjects…”

Waiting For My Husband To Die is available on Amazon.

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