Attorney claims Jonathan Majors is innocent over alleged assault

The lawyer for Jonathan Majors has said his client is innocent after his weekend arrest related to a domestic dispute.

“Jonathan Majors is completely innocent and is provably the victim of an altercation with a woman he knows,” lawyer Priya Chaudhry said in a statement to press seen by Screen Daily. “All the evidence proves that Mr. Majors is entirely innocent and did not assault her whatsoever.”

Majors, a rising star who has wowed audiences in Creed III and Ant-Man And The Wasp: Quantumania, was taken into police custody on Saturday after an emergency call on Saturday morning and was charged with strangulation, assault and harassment. A woman was taken to hospital with minor head and neck injuries. Majors denied all charges and was released from custody later that day.

Since Saturday’s incident the US Army has paused a recruitment commercial featuring Majors and said in a statement, “While Mr. Majors is innocent until proven guilty, prudence dictates that we pull our ads until the investigation into these allegations is complete.”

Majors has already featured in two commercials for the Army.

Majors’ legal team said they expected the charges against him to be dropped.


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