Are you a Short Film maker? You Should Definitely Check This Out.

‘Think Shorts,’ an online film directory dedicated to short films announces
an exciting new short film platform with the filmmaker, in mind.

The platform doesn’t just list submitted films, but makes sure the films are seen by the right demographic. Employing a fast and innovative way to bring short films the publicity it deserves.

There are also a variety of exciting features in development on the platform but here’s how it currently works:

Your film will be categorised by genre, channel, country, language and release year. This will correctly target your audience.

We embed your film from YouTube/Vimeo so you can maintain copyright, gain external views, likes and subscribers.

We will post about your short film on our Instagram page.

Site visitors can rate your film within your dedicated page.

Unlimited edits can be made to your short film information, photo or the embed URL.

Our site visitors are short film fanatics and fellow filmmakers. Expect viewers who appreciate your creativity.

Visit the directory here:

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