Are African movies on 2020 Oscar nominations for Foreign Language Film

Prior to the 2020 list which was just released, the last time an African movie made it to the Oscar nominations list for Foreign Language Film was in 2014 (Mauritanian film ‘Timbuktu’). For some reason, African movies just to keep trying almost unsuccessfully to win the Oscars. Most people just won’t admit that it is possible that an African movie has what it takes to beat a movie from Europe, Asia or America at the Oscars?

Oscar 2020 Nominations Foreign Language Film
Women in 1990 Algeria struggle to adapt to the use of Hijab in ‘Papicha’
Late last year, Nigeria’s first-ever entry, ‘Lionheart’ was disqualified a few days after being accepted. ‘Lionheart’ didn’t make it far, being the only movie allowed to be submitted according to Academy rule. However, there are 10 African movies that were cleared for the Oscar 2020 Nominations in Foreign Language Film. None made it to the nominations list.

Algeria: ‘Papicha’ – Mounia Meddour
Senegal: ‘Atlantics‘ – Mati Diop
Ethiopia: ‘Running Against the Wind’- Jan Philipp Weyl
Ghana: ‘Azali’ – Kwabena Gyansah
Nigeria: ‘Lionheart‘ – Genevieve Nnaji
Kenya: ‘Subira’ – Ravneet Singh Chadha
Morocco: ‘Adam’ – Maryam Touzani
Egypt: ‘Poisonous Roses’ – Ahmed Fawzi Saleh
South Africa: ‘Knuckle City’ – Jahmil X.T. Qubeka
Tunisia: ‘Dear Son’ – Mohamed Ben Atti
Criticism is not unlikely for certain Academy rules. It also seems a bit unfair to provide only one category for international language films.
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