Aramide makes triumphant return with ‘Hear Me Out’ EP

Aramide is back, releasing her highly anticipated EP, Hear Me Out. Following the success of her critically acclaimed EP, Bittersweet, the Nigerian songstress’s new project is a captivating blend of Afro-pop, R&B, and pop, showcasing her artistic growth and evolution.

In Hear Me Out, Aramide takes her listeners on an introspective journey, delving into themes of vulnerability, self-discovery, and life’s complexities. With five soul-stirring tracks, the EP highlights personal struggles, aspirations, triumphs, love and the journey towards rediscovering self-confidence.

“I haven’t shared my voice through music in a while,” says Aramide. “I felt it was time to take my listeners on this amazing journey with me. It’s time to be vulnerable! Working on this project was incredibly rewarding; it pushed me beyond my limits creatively.”

With production expertise from Wondah, each track on Hear Me Out is a playful yet powerful exploration of life’s inevitable ups and downs, reflecting Aramide’s vision and songwriting talents.


The tracklist includes:

  1. “Pressure” (Prod by Wondah)
  2. “Pray” (Prod by Wondah)
  3. “Waiting” (Prod by Wondah)
  4. “Greenlight” (Prod by Wondah)
  5. “Pretty Girl Bop” (Prod by Wondah)

Aramide’s Hear Me Out EP is a must-listen for lovers of heartfelt music. Stream it now on your favorite platform here and connect with the artiste on Instagram and X.

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