Apple, Spotify and Deezer Gather New Pandemic Data.

Streaming services have been talking about their latest actions and data amid the coronavirus pandemic. Apple Music has a new hub called ‘Come Together’ gathering new playlists including ‘Isolation Icebreakers’, ‘Work From Home Hustle’ and ‘Living Room Dance Party’, starting in the US and UK before rolling out globally.

Spotify has published some data on the impact social distancing and isolation is having on its listening trends: more listening to news podcasts; kids and family content; and chillout and classical music. Spotify also said that it’s seeing clear spikes in listening for artists who’ve been livestreaming concerts, citing James Blake, Ben Gibbard and Code Orange as three examples.

Deezer also has some insights into changed listening behaviour: its daily spike for listening has shifted from rush hour (around 7am) to 9am-10am, while also pinpointing a 10-day ‘shock’ stage where people’s usage declines, before recovering again. Again, mood-focused playlists are having a spike.

Deezer also started promoting a three-month free trial of its Premium, Family and HiFi subscriptions yesterday: a sign that social distancing may be a cue for a new phase in the streaming subscriptions marketing battle.

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