Amazon moves forward with Jonathan Nolan’s Fallout show

Amazon has announced that it’s moving forward with Jonathan Nolan’s TV adaptation of the beloved Fallout series of post-apocalyptic video games, according to reports. 

The Westworld producer is working on the series with Captain Marvel’s Geneva Robertson-Dworet and Silicon Valley’s Graham Wagner, who will serve as showrunners on the series, AVClub reports.

Set in a distant, and very dusty, future, the Fallout series derives much of its punch from a very particular sort of distorted nostalgia, pining for the dream of a world where humanity could wipe itself out with the relative dignity of a quick and clean nuclear apocalypse, rather than *gestures

expressively at the entirety of modern society*. The series blends the trappings of ’50s Americana (exemplified by a series of soundtracks that include pretty much every nuke-related novelty song ever written) with a gritty take on post-apocalyptic science fiction.

It’s not clear, as yet, which elements of the series’ wide-ranging storytelling Nolan is planning to pluck out for his show. The original Fallout centered on a Vault Dweller forced out into the wasteland to save his fellow shut-ins in irradiated Southern California; later games spread the mayhem to Washington D.C., Nevada, Boston, West Virginia, and beyond.

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