Akeem Lasisi unveils visionary poetry exhibition “African Citations”

Akeem Lasisi is set to break new ground with his upcoming exhibition, “African Citations,” scheduled for December 10 at the prestigious MUSON Centre in Lagos. In an exclusive interview with fellow art enthusiast Ropo Ewenla, the renowned artist shared his ambitious vision for the event, emphasising its potential to revolutionise the perception of poetry.

Lasisi envisions African Citations as a catalyst for expanding the horizons of poetic expression, aiming to connect the art form with diverse audiences. The exhibition will feature poetic tributes presented through innovative mediums, including framed poems, musical and video presentations, and captivating live performances.

“I want poetry to travel beyond the confines of poets and intellectuals. I want more people to have access to it, enjoy its beauty, own it, and contribute to its expansion,” expressed Lasisi during the conversation.

The exhibition is not merely a celebration of words but a deliberate effort to make poetry more accessible in the digital age. Lasisi, drawing on his three decades of experience in performances, journalism and teaching, believes in leveraging technology to promote the craft. He emphasises the importance of embracing the performative potential of poetry, particularly in the context of its roots in spontaneity, orality, and a people-centric approach.

“As the world radically goes digital, we have no excuse not to deploy all the elements that technology offers to the promotion of our craft,” Lasisi asserts. The exhibition marks a culmination of his extensive encounters with individuals and organisations, weaving together his experiences into a gallery setting that promises a holistic artistic experience.

African Citations is poised to be a groundbreaking event, bridging the gap between traditional poetry and contemporary multimedia expression. With Lasisi’s commitment to navigating the links between art and technology, the exhibition is set to usher in a new era for African poetry, reaching broader audiences and redefining the boundaries of creative expression.


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