9-year-old author publishes debut book on World Book Day

Nathan Eze, a nine-year-old prodigy from Coventry, is celebrating a remarkable milestone as his first full-length book, Ruby, Don’t Lie!, hits the shelves, bbc.com reports. Inspired by his childhood passion for storytelling and drawing, Nathan’s book centres around the consequences of dishonesty, urging young readers to embrace the value of truthfulness.

“I’m thrilled to see my book in print; it’s amazing!” exclaimed Nathan, whose literary journey began in nursery school. His mother, Adeola Eze, attributes his writing prowess to his voracious reading habits and innate talent.

Nathan Eze and his family

Released on Amazon on World Book Day, which also coincides with Nathan’s birthday, Ruby, Don’t Lie! has already garnered attention for its poignant message and engaging narrative. Nathan, who has previously seen his work featured in magazines and on radio, hopes to inspire other budding writers with his debut.

Reflecting on his influences, Nathan cited Roald Dahl and his own mother, herself a published author, as key inspirations. With plans already brewing for his next book, Ruby, Don’t Be Naughty, Nathan envisions a future where his stories continue to captivate audiences and ignite imaginations worldwide.

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