2024 Bridport Prize opens call for submissions to writers worldwide

The 2024 Bridport Prize is now accepting submissions from writers globally, providing a valuable chance for emerging talents in poetry, short stories, flash fiction, novels and memoirs. This esteemed prize, known for fostering literary excellence, encourages writers to submit their best works by the deadline on May 31.

According to a post on the prize’s Instagram handle, this year’s prize structure is designed to recognise outstanding talent across various genres. For poets, submissions of up to 42 lines are welcomed, while short story entries should not exceed 5,000 words. The top submissions in these categories stand to win an impressive £5,000 each. Flash fiction enthusiasts have their own spotlight with a prize of £1,000 for the winning piece, requiring submissions of 250 words or less. The novel category invites writers to submit up to 8,000 words along with a 300-word synopsis. The novel winner will receive £1,500 and benefit from up to a year’s worth of mentoring from The Literary Consultancy.

Winners from each category will be prominently featured in the Bridport prize anthology, gaining exposure to literary agents and publishers that can launch their careers to new heights. Additionally, bursaries are available for underrepresented writers, ensuring inclusivity and diversity in the literary landscape.

Reflecting on the transformative power of the Bridport Prize, acclaimed novelist Kate Atkinson MBE shared her personal journey, highlighting how the prize served as a catalyst for her writing career and eventual literary success.

“I have enormously fond memories of the Bridport Prize. It gave me one of the first affirmations that I could write. The story I wrote for the competition was the first time I felt I found that elusive thing – my ‘voice’. Without the Bridport Prize I would probably not have found my agent and quite possibly wouldn’t have written Behind the Scenes at the Museum so I have a lot to be thankful to it for,” Atkinson stated.

With a lineup of esteemed judges and partners, including The Literary Consultancy and John Murray of Hachette, the Bridport Prize stands as a beacon for writers seeking recognition, mentorship and a pathway into the literary world. 

Writers everywhere are encouraged to seize this opportunity and let their words resonate on the Bridport Prize’s prestigious platform as the deadline approaches on May 31.

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